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Image credit: Scott Brande

Image and video by Scott Brande. Example Video_SedRx-A06

Online Toolbox for Physical Geology

Current Toolboxes

Why? Why Now?

  • Simple. Students need access to learning resources online - NOW

Web Features

  • public, free, 24/7 access

  • responsive display for diverse devices (e.g., cellphones to computers)

  • in progress - continuous update of contents

Toolbox Uses

  • supplement to lecture, lab, subject study

  • training aid to practice sample identification

  • out-of-class review before quiz/exam

Design Features

  • toolbox - collection of components

  • copy links to site/page/section into websites/documents/email/etc.

  • re-purpose components for different uses

What's in a Toolbox?

  • introductory text

  • instructions for how to test and/or observe

  • simplified classification chart

  • short videos demonstrations

  • bank of unknown samples for identification

  • bank of reference samples